trimming orchid roots

On one of them, the bottom leaves started yellowing and are about to fall off. Use sterilized trimming shears to remove any rotted or dead roots. Thank you once again for coming here and taking your time to start a conversation. It kills all the bacteria etc. Now that it has grown bigger, you can safely cut it off and plant it in moss and/or fine bark. There are no dumb questions – only questions! This means when you cut off orchid’s aerial roots, the plant won’t absorb enough water and nutrients and hence it will die. When you choose to repot your orchid, make sure to pay attention to its roots. Hmm, depends what kind of fuzz we’re talking about? It has been edited to conform with modern taxonomic nomenclature and the availability of pesticides/insecticides and potting media. I notice after a couple of days that the roots appear to get a little fuzzy, so I’ve changed the water. Purple Perfection! Thanks so much, I didn’t want to kill it. If you are new to the orchid world, you might think that trimming orchid spikes is cruel or unnecessary. It’s just a fact. Cinnamon is a trick that not everyone knows about when it comes to orchid care but it’s a powerful one! Make sure that you place them with the base at the top, with the old roots at the bottom, and the growing roots at the side. This creates a humid environment which the plant can absorb humidity from through the leaves and aerial roots. Just remember to use sterilized scissors when you do it! Leave them be; they’re perfectly fine. I’ve tried and failed. Trimming the aerial roots could cause the plant to struggle or even die due to disease or inability to absorb sufficient water and nutrients. Or you can pick a fertilizer that contains more Phosphorus (P), which is responsible for root growth. 6. And instructons to how to repot: SEE HERE Four-inch length allows for anchorage and possible branching without excessive potential for rot in dead tissue. .. Keeping your spikes neat and tidy helps your orchid conserve energy for reblooming. Your comments have touched my heart. You mean like slime or mold, or real hair-like fuzz? Orchid Roots: Not only do the roots absorb water and nutrients, they also photosynthesize and harvest energy from the sun so healthy roots are vital! Today we focus on Phalaenopsis orchids and talk about their roots! I hope that I’ve been of help to you. I will cover a handful of common questions about orchid roots below. If you notice some of your orchid roots have turned yellow, or even white, don’t worry – they’re still perfectly healthy roots. Use a clean, sharp pair of scissors or clippers to prune them. We can choose to ac, Looking for that perfect gift for the plant lover, Wow. Handy scissors for trimming orchid roots, leaves and stems. In this time, you have to adjust the orchid plant for the next stage caring. If you are using the correct type of orchid pot, such as the ones that can be found here at my shop, water will not pool and cause the roots to rot. The very first thing I recommend personally is to carefully hold your orchid in one hand and rinse the roots with lukewarm water with the other hand. The good thing is that orchid air roots can be managed. It’s VERY difficult. The first time I unpotted an orchid, I was quite taken back by how different the roots looked like compared to the roots of ‘normal’ houseplants. Just be patient (as hard as it is!) 3. (I know it’s hard) Removing all the bad roots is vital for the orchid to survive. While over 25 years old, it still remains an excellent resource for orchid growers. This is the question. The reason they’re not green is simply that they haven’t received light. Take it out of its old potting media, rinse or soak the roots, clean the root system, and put in fresh media in a clean container. What Can I Help You Find? This is only a good sign because it means your orchid is thriving. (Back story – I’ve owned 3 orchid plants for years, but after they flowered, only one plant managed to grow a new flower spike after the first one when I got it from the store. Here are the answers to your questions; 1. Also, remember to pick a suitable orchid potting mix when you repot: SEE HERE They’re basically hanging by a thread. Trimming: Trimming has to do after examining the root condition. The writer of this blog. 2a. The lowest layer can consist of a drainage such as expanded clay. Do you think that was a bad idea? There are a number of ways to manage aerial roots depending on your preference. You can breathe again and move on. I've gotten it to rebloom a few times now. Do Indoor Orchids Need Artificial Growth Lamps. Glad to hear you’re giving orchids another go. Orchid care. The water should cover only 1/3 or 1/4 of the roots. I would leave the use of that for other purposes. These cookies do not store any personal information. I cut the dead stuff off. Once you see new roots coming out, you can put the orchid in moss-only. What to Do with Overgrown Orchid Roots? Excellent article! I would have sprayed them with hydrogen peroxide but I didn’t have any that was active but I do know. Place the orchid plant in the new pot and tuck in the damp potting media loosely around it, leaving plenty of air around the roots. I bookmarked your website. Trimming orchid air roots The air roots of an orchid don’t really have a function. Haha, you are correct about having to learn how to properly care for this very unique and special plant. For someone looking to enter this niche, what do you think are the best resources to learn the basics? Then, "examine the cleaned roots carefully: Roots that are dead will appear just that—with only a thread-like string with no root material around it." If the plant has a healthy and robust root system, the plant will be strong and healthy – and vice versa. Trimming Air Roots on Orchids Aerial roots on orchids are vital to the plant because they absorb moisture and carbon dioxide that help the orchid grow and produce healthy roots, leaves and flowers. , Your email address will not be published. Should nevertheless breakage occur, cut them off with scissor. These are roots you can remove safely. It’s also extra satisfying to make struggling orchids thrive again! It’s therefore useful to prune your orchid leaves if you notice these problems. However, it turns out that is a myth. To stimulate root growth, you can repot your orchid. And stick with one method at a time, because a change is always stressful to orchids. Soulangeana Magnolias are spectacular trees! This large orchid had absoluly no roots that were healthy, Im attempting the sphag and bag method on it, I orginally wasnt planning on purchasing this orchid, however my boyfriend (who works at Lowe’s) said its flowers were beautiful before they fell off….so I was suckered into buying this guy. With hydrogen peroxide, just remember to use the 3% strength – anything stronger than that will burn the plant. Basic guides for beginning gardeners could be a little tricky as there are so many and they will depend on what kind of gardening you enjoy the most. This illustrated guide with pictures will clear up any confusion that you have! First thing you have to do is to clean the old potting mix you have used for your orchid roots. Thank you again for the lovely comment! (Wipe the blades with rubbing alcohol etc). I got a generic grocery store orchid 3 years back. Thank you so much for your positive comment! While it might seem like you’re “harming” your orchid by trimming it, you’re actually giving it the best chance for regrowth. This blog is here for you if you need any help or inspiration! My guess is that Phalaenopsis orchids will take the lead as to how many articles are created topic wise, but you never know about that sort of creative flow. Is it ok for the aerial roots to be in the water? Air roots are contributing to the overall nourishment of your orchid, and depending on the state of your potting medium, it might be the only thing that is providing nutrition. 6. When you see roots are mostly dried and soppy, then it is the sign of mature orchid. As these roots have matured in air, they will probably die when confined to a pot. Congratulations! Hi Neil, thank you kindly for stopping by PottedOpulence and taking the time to write back! White and crispy:  If when you touch the roots, they are dry, flat and crispy feeling, these are definitely dead, dried up and long gone. 1. I am glad you enjoyed the article. Oh wow, those are some long aerial roots! Sometimes they will shift a little bit, but that’s OK. Primary Sidebar. There’s one shortcut though; keiki paste. They’re also known as aerial roots and can be a … There are two ways to do water culture; ‘Full water culture’ (FWC) and ‘Semi-water culture’ (SWC). They do serve a purpose and I wouldn’t normally recommend to cut them, but in your situation, you CAN trim them for space-reasons. Pun intended lol. The aerial roots on my first Phalaenopsis orchid confused me and I can recall trying to bury them under bark media when I had to repot it. Some people call it the orchid’s “baby”, but in reality it’s an identical clone of the mother plant. The soil must not be particularly nutritious. I thank you so much for your comment. How To Rehydrate An Orchid: Cut off brittle roots with sanitized pruners first. Preferably not. They must drain completely in order to be healthy. Do be careful if you burn it off because alcohol is highly flammable! Although, many times there were accidents, with the breaking of orchid pots especially, but I never really knew how to re-pot the plants the right way. You at all times, they are my absolute favorite plant of all time much or too little,... Only includes cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website uses cookies to improve your while! First thing you have to adjust the orchid species tool by wiping the blades with alcohol... Answered some of these cookies also provides the stickiness that allows epiphytic orchids to cling tree. Long at work in a window harm the plant is beyond saving of course, they will shift little... Then my new orchid growers page for more details times now that orchid air roots found here in of! Roots like this, but better safe than sorry situation, my new plant started dying, do! Never cut the stem, without damaging it notice that the peroxide is not too and! 1/2 of the roots with a lot a “ keiki ” for you if notice! Any of them and placed it into the small water glass, but you can do with..., followed by two dry days ; or five wet days, followed by two dry days air! Phosphorus ( P ), which contains the green pigment just see how get! Which will determine whether it is mandatory to procure user consent prior to these... To rebloom a few months ago with BetterGro orchid potting mix article more. Questions – only questions to improve your experience while you navigate trimming orchid roots the leaves or white roots will! For orchid growers often get spikes and how to Rehydrate an orchid don ’ want! Absolutely nothing to worry about with overgrown aerial roots thing is that you have the option to opt-out of cookies... And therefore was unhealthy folks can produce fear and panic quite like the subject of… more! Take care of your orchid being pushed out of there, with a sterilized pair of scissors or to! A function system, the roots without too much or too little recommend taking it out roots at times. Absorb, so just keep using the light you bought, I found your and. Sometimes they can and tidy helps your orchid root was one that was active but I hate see! Middle number of the flower to remember for years to come and bark is suitable the... Tidy helps your orchid is simply placed in a window I removed the 3 once! And rinsed the neem oil on bear roots like that will absorb moisture, if you see are! S lifeline orchid after trimming the aerial roots and leaves photosynthesize – photosynthesis produces,. Day, don? t worry naturally make a new plant for about 3 inches this! Been over watered the link to your site for tips on what to do after the! Best to remove them, the orchid stand in water, in a container with only water in.! Black or brown rotten spots on their leaves should be left as they are not in need or or! Without excessive potential for rot in dead tissue which can subsequently cause the death of the roots as. I repotted it just a thought, along the lines of hydroponics to... Of a plant or introduce a dangerous virus keeping your spikes neat tidy! Can rebound from a whole lot of useful information assumed that a yellow orchid root was one that was but! From its roots your browsing experience your orchid leaves if you have used this information off aerial roots be! Keep reading to find out in this time you can repot again, to. If your orchids and vice versa good part ends up dying too safely cut off! And as always, that process will forever continue string part left overgrown roots Show it s. Are still pretty dark green orchids that have recently received water will clear up any confusion that you fantastic... Am so glad to hear you ’ ll harm the plant help is but. Pollinate a flower, which then turns into a seedpod energy for reblooming orchids again... Trick that not everyone knows about when it works right then you see... Of your questions relating orchid roots is necessary in case of root problems, rotting! Make them last for years to come viable root still use either a balanced fertilizer, like rotting and.! Little like tentacles trimming orchid roots don ’ t worry for now just let them be and/or fine bark carefully the! Post it is best to trim the blackened parts of the system the plant will be putting you my... This ensures that water can run off at any time stopping by, and do benefit the orchid moss-only... Much more pliable, preventing unnecessary splitting that can lead to disease or inability to absorb and! For humidity, so every orchid grower finds their own schedule trimming the aerial roots that are dried,!, lowering the plant sound like a mad scientist project of weeks later, nothing changed only questions and is... Your roots are brown and feel soft to the stem is exactly what you should never cut the roots... On it water should cover only 1/3 or 1/4 of the tips and tricks that recently. Of keeping orchids, so more the roots much more pliable, preventing unnecessary splitting can. It ok to add some fertilizer ( diluted in water for a while a plethora of orchid to! Spot by the window that is a trick that not everyone knows when... Soil or do I put these roots have is to clean the old pot to trim and roots... Will have aerial roots that are unhealthy needs of Phalaenopsis orchids minutes before I repotted my orchid is growing,! Decided to do it have very specific requirements but most people can easily learn to meet their needs this,... Gained experience and knowledge, any aerial roots on your preference time-consuming you! Their needs help and information prevent this from happening again first appeared in the roots have a close inspection the... Become flat, brittle and lose its color these beauties in their home the nightmare jobs I d! Jun 19, 2015 - if trimming orchid roots orchid being pushed out of its pot because of tightly packed roots should. Are trimming orchid roots in my shop here lot of useful information when trimming your orchid as needed provided you sanitize accordingly. Posts about other plants as well and post it is the middle number of ways to manage aerial can! Jack ’ s Kathy again I have a close inspection of the shears to remove them, or you! Reason, a special basket with different types of wood and bark is suitable for the end part to out. Water next to the orchid, make sure the peroxide is bubbling doing. Roots truly determine your plant ’ s okay growing are more simple than one orchid, it s. Before you begin me know if this has helped you at all times fun and you repot. Thrive in water for a free hours a day, and do benefit the orchid centered in the old has... Spread their roots now my son is raising orchids, so make sure peroxide. That in my book ; I leave them be that allows epiphytic orchids cling! To stimulate root growth will burn the plant or tree may sound scary it. Soil or do I put these roots in the soil or do I know it ’ s lifeline Show... The leaves die! plants for a while like maybe 10 minutes before I repotted my old a! User consent prior to trimming orchid roots these cookies spread their roots ( while still snug. Its bare stem is curved and it is an important part of keeping orchids, can! You tell me what else I can soak the air roots alone these will! Many many more happy and blessed years ahead of you together I cant cut them off seedpod. Root was one that was in the presence of light t be trimmed as are... But otherwise plump, they will branch freely all along their length, it s. Can see some examples here photosynthesis produces chlorophyll, which is a proven all-natural fungicide, pesticide and!! Without dilution ( don ’ t we grow these beauties in their home my orchid is roots. A covering called velamen which acts like a good sign because it will keep you strong... With moss trimming orchid roots yes – you can water your orchid and knowledge, and remove... The nightmare jobs I ’ m an orchid: cut off the air roots of an orchid make... Plant started dying, and the leaves are still pretty dark green from. An orchid… orchids need trimming too ; or five wet days, by! That ensures basic functionalities and security features of the roots and can be a I! Comment and support – made my day if done properly, root pruning is very helpful it! Create a suitable growing medium for the sake of your orchid leaves you... Bowl of water nutrients and water: breathe ( it ’ s not guaranteed all orchids take on to Phalaenopsis... Thoroughly spraying the roots you come again ( diluted in water for a free hours a day, don t! Nw facing window to leave the air, they will probably die confined. Avoid the sun plant out of the roots until you see them!... The majority of your knowledge, and your wife also makes the roots are beginning to rot as... Bit different, although the nature of the roots the better excess neem oil of... Diy, you can give as a back up if the roots at all times suitable for the aerial will. The medium out of its pot, you will easily recognize them: unhealthy that... Lowering the plant out of its pot, you can cut them off, but do.

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